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Welcome to Events in Our Game!

Welcome to our comprehensive guide to all the events in the game! Here, you'll find detailed information about each event to enhance your gaming experience. Utilize the links below to navigate more easily between the various events.

Crystal Event: Unveiling the Mysteries of Crystals

Welcome, adventurers, to the captivating world of the Crystal Event! This thrilling event occurs four times a day, and players are encouraged to check the board within the event hall for the event timings.

The teleport to crystal hunts will appear here when the event starts
(it will be announced 15 minutes earlier)

Event Details:

Inside the Crystal Event area, adventurers will discover three distinct paths: Arcane Crystals, Sentinel Crystals, and Sniper Crystals. Each path presents unique hunts with specific challenges and will be active only one per event.

These protectors will be summoned to protect the crystals in each event execution:
Arcane Protector
Arcane Protector
Sentinel Protector
Sentinel Protector
Sniper Protector
Sniper Protector

Each protector carry up to TWO crystals that can be dropped by players.

More information about the event and the crystals:

  • The damage dealt to the monsters protecting the crystals will now be based on the level of your weapon. For instance, if your weapon has 260 refinements, your damage output will be 260. Additionally, summons or area spells cannot be used within the event area.
  • During the 15-minute hunt, players will face formidable creatures that drop valuable crystals upon their defeat. Once the 15-minute hunt concludes, all participants will be automatically transported back to the event area, ready for the next exhilarating round.
  • Only players with 350 Resets or more are allowed to enter the event area. Additionally, once inside, it's important to note that leaving the area before the event ends will prevent you from re-entering.
  • If you die within the event, you won't be able to return until the event starts again.
  • Some chests may appear within the crystal events. The first player to find this chest has a chance to obtain items such as memory shards, crystals, and fragments (used to create shield refinements).
  • There is a chance for a protector boss to appear. In this case, a group of players will be needed to defeat it. They drop memory shards, crystals, and fragments.

Memory Shard Crystals:

You can use memory shard crystals (obtained on Chest or using buying with reset coins) to absorb from 2 to 10 crystals inside the hunts (using them in a big crystal). OR you can use it as a converter by applying it to a stack of regular crystals. (watch the video below)

Tier 4 Equipment and Weapons:

The crystals collected during the hunts can be exchanged for Tier 4 equipments and weapons, offering substantial enhancements for your characters:

Prepare yourself, gather your allies, and embrace the challenges and rewards that await in the Crystal Event!

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