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1. Names

Character names must not contain:

  • Insulting, racist, extremely right-wing, sexist, or offensive language (e.g., "Bastard," "Nig!@#," "Hitler," "Bitch," "Copkiller").
  • Parts of sentences, nonsensical combinations of letters, or invalid formatting (e.g., "Mike returns," "Fgfshdsfg," "Thegreatknight").
  • Names that do not represent a person (e.g., "Christmastree," "Matrix"), real-life celebrities (e.g., "Britney Spears"), or official positions (e.g., "System Admin").

2. Cheating

Using cheats is strictly prohibited:

  • Exploiting game errors or bugs (e.g., duplicating items) must be reported to the game administrators.
  • Intentionally abusing gameplay weaknesses, manipulating the client program, or using additional software is not allowed.
  • Attempting to steal other players' account data (hacking) and offering or accepting account data is against the rules.
  • In-client bots are allowed.

3. Gamemasters

Respect the authority of gamemasters:

  • a) Threatening or impersonating a gamemaster is prohibited.
  • b) Providing false information to gamemasters or making misleading reports is not allowed.

Important Notes:

  • The server is not responsible for items lost when a character is red-skulled.
  • It is your responsibility to keep your PvP status open, and the abuse by other players is not an excuse.
  • The use of offensive words is not a punishable offense.
  • Purchasing points in the shop does not grant immunity to the rules.
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