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Resets are the key of success in Neprenia

The reset system in Neprenia begins when a player reaches level 500. From there, each subsequent reset requires an additional 150 resets to unlock, or just 100 for VIP players. This means that the second reset becomes accessible at level 650 (or 600 for VIPs), the third at 800 (or 700 for VIPs), and so on. Resetting your character allows you to start anew with added challenges and potential rewards, making it a key aspect of character progression in the game.

  1. Preservation of Vitality: With each reset, you keep all your accumulated life and mana intact. This means you won't lose your hard-earned resources during the reset process.
  2. Enhanced Mobility: The number of resets directly impacts your character's movement speed. As you accumulate more resets, your character becomes swifter, allowing for quicker navigation in the game world.
  3. PvP Combat Advantage: Resets grant a significant edge in player vs. player (PvP) combat. You gain a 2% damage bonus in PvP encounters. This bonus is cumulative, meaning that the more resets you have, the more damage you deal in PvP.

How to Reset

  • When you attain the required level for resetting, you can trigger the process by using the command !reset. Please note that this command can only be executed within a non-PvP zone. Upon activation, you will be promptly transported back to the safety of the temple.
  • Alternatively, there's a more convenient way to reset using a "resetter" item. This item allows you to reset instantly from any location, without the non-PvP restriction. Moreover, it eliminates the need to return to the temple.
  • Hint: 50579 Resetters can be obtained by donation or in a quest. You can also purchase them from other players (maybe in the offline market).


  • Resets are pivotal for character development. They enable you to amass a substantial amount of life, empowering you to confront even more formidable adversaries. So, embrace resets as they are vital for your character's growth and success in the game.
  • Once you got more than 62 millions of mana or life the client will start to show the value in percentage. You can use the commands !mana or !life to check their real values.
Reset Coin

Reset Coins (Each reset worth it)

38228 Reset coins are a special currency that can be used to purchase items in the reset store. One reset coin (two if you are vip) will be automatically added to your store (image shows how to access it) always that you reset, they can not be removed from there, so only the player that received it can use to buy from store things like:

Outfits: You can buy pretty outfits to customize your character.
Mounts: You can buy mounts that will carry you through the lands of Neprenia.
Items: You can buy items that will improve your journey in the lands of Neprenia.

Reset Coin Store (Items, Outfits and Mounts)

Up to 12 Outfits to choose

You have the freedom to choose from a selection of 12 unique outfits, each priced differently. If you've amassed sufficient reset coins, you can own them all.

More then 25 mounts to ride

At the market, you'll discover an extensive collection of over 25 mounts available at various price points. If you've accrued enough reset coins, you have the opportunity to acquire them all.

Events room (Access from Karmia Depot using the green teleport)

Items to improve your hunts

Each week, we offer five distinct items available for purchase using reset points. With a stroke of luck, you might even acquire 'Memory Crystals,' essential items that can be used to obtain the rarest and most powerful equipment and weapons in all of Neprenia.

Reset Rewards

Collect your rewards

From your very first reset onwards, you gain access to a variety of rewards. These rewards can aid you in reaching the next reset or serve as valuable trade assets with fellow players. With your initial reset, you can select from a range of tier one weapons, which are further enhanced through the use of refinement gems.

Monster of the Week Monster Pedestal and Players Online Box

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