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Becoming a VIP

Become a VIP to unlock a world of benefits that will enhance your gaming experience. As a VIP member, you'll enjoy:

  • Double Experience: Level up faster during hunts, giving you an edge over non-VIP players. Gain more resets in less time.
  • Resetter Item: While you're a VIP, you can acquire and use the Resetter Item for more convenient character resets.
  • Double Reset Coins: Earn twice as many Reset Coins, which can be used in the event room to obtain outfits, mounts, and valuable items that will aid you in your adventures.
  • Expanded Autoloot: Enjoy a generous 10-slot Autoloot system, providing you with more options for earning in-game wealth and valuable items.
  • Customized Autoloot: Configure your Autoloot settings to automatically collect specific items that frequently drop during hunts in your chosen reset.
  • Access to Exclusive VIP Hunts: Unlock special hunting grounds, accessible only to VIP players, which feature exclusive monsters and greater challenges.

With VIP status, you'll have the power to enhance your gameplay and explore unique hunting opportunities. Become a VIP today!

Becoming a VIP

You can become a VIP by utilizing one of the following three items, each granting a specific number of VIP days:

  • 16101 VIP Scroll: Provides a generous 30 days of VIP membership and can be acquired by exchanging points earned when you make a donation to the server.
  • 8694 10 Days of VIP: As the name suggests, this option grants you 10 days of VIP status and can be earned through special in-game events.
  • 7492 3 Days of VIP: Obtainable by exchanging some Reset Coins in the Event Room, this choice grants you a valuable 3 days of VIP membership.

Embrace the VIP benefits, unlock unique hunts, and seize the opportunity to level up faster and explore the game's vast world with enhanced features. Become a VIP today!

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