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14 Feb 2024 -
A new giveaway was introduced to help newcomers, once you get 10 resets you can use the command...

A new giveaway was introduced to help newcomers, once you get 10 resets you can use the command !giveaway common_refinement to get 10 common refinements free

20 Jan 2024 -
Equipment Rarity Reroll and Equipment Extras Recreator available on donation store!

Equipment Rarity Reroll and Equipment Extras Recreator available on donation store!

18 Jan 2024 -
I've decided to implement a highly requested change from you all. Monsters ranging from 1200 to...

I've decided to implement a highly requested change from you all. Monsters ranging from 1200 to 2200 have had their damage and health reassessed. Additionally, all of them have had their spawns increased and mirrored.


30 Dec 2023 -
Attention: During raids, beware of potential appearances by Morgaroth and Orshabaal! Stay alert and...

Attention: During raids, beware of potential appearances by Morgaroth and Orshabaal! Stay alert and use caution when participating in raids. Type !raids to stay updated.

18 Dec 2023 -
We've decided to make one more adjustment to the Crystal Event. We don't want to make the event...

We've decided to make one more adjustment to the Crystal Event. We don't want to make the event non-PvP because we understand how frustrating it can be when someone steals your loot (by attacking your monsters), or when there's no real danger present. However, the event is essential to ensure that players can progress in the game. Therefore, we've introduced a consequence for those who choose to initiate PvP within the event. Essentially, you can still engage in PvP, but once your character is PK (with a red, black, or white skull), you won't inflict damage on the protectors anymore. PvP remains an option, but you will forfeit your ability to receive crystals in that event if you engage in PK.

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15.4.2024 -
Client Update!!!
Author: GOD Marcolino

We need your attention!!! Client UPDATE!

We've made an extensive update to our client. All players need to update to the latest version to ensure proper functioning. The way to do this is by closing your currently open client and reopening it. You'll need to wait until the updates are downloaded before logging in with your character. If you encounter any issues updating, we recommend downloading our client again from the downloads section.

Update for Mobile Version!!!

Celebrate the latest update! The Official Android APK (Android) has been refreshed. We apologize for the delay, but it's finally here!

To continue enjoying uninterrupted access to your account, please download the updated version and reinstall it. Simply click the link below:

Android Client (x64 only)

Thank you for your patience and continued support!

What was updated?

Here are some of the things we've implemented with the client update:

Wings Systems - Soon you'll be able to obtain wings for your character. We're finalizing adjustments and will share how you can get yours and the benefits they bring.

Tooltip System - We've improved the game's tooltip system. When you hover over items, you'll be pleasantly surprised with all the item information organized for your convenience.

Tooltip + Messages - If you hold down the Ctrl + Alt buttons and click on an item, it will appear as a link in the client's messages, allowing other players to hover over the text and see your item's stats. This is very useful for showcasing items for sale or just showing off.

Forge System - We're still finalizing adjustments and balancing recipes, but soon you'll be able to create various consumables using the forge system.
Enhanced Login Experience - Now the login window shows more detailed information for each of your characters.

Refinements from 400 to 500 - Captain Luffy seems to have a skilled blacksmith aboard his ship. Tubalcaim said he has the ability to produce superior gems that can take your equipment to the next level.

10.4.2024 -
Refinements and donation store update
Author: GOD Marcolino

We're here to announce some changes:


In order to alleviate the pressure for bronze gear wheels, necessary for creating nature and blood refinements, we've reduced the amount required for crafting these two refinements. Specifically:

  • For nature refinement, you now need 5 instead of 10.
  • For blood refinement, you now need 3 instead of 5.

To balance this adjustment, we've slightly increased the in-game currency cost for them.

Additionally, we've added blood refinement to the donate store in the game (meaning you can donate and purchase it there).

We've also reduced the amount of frazzle tongue needed from 5 to 3 for divinity refinement.

New refinements to upgrade your weapon from 400 to 500 should arrive by the end of the week. However, the dragon warden has already begun dropping the necessary items to produce the refinement from 400 to 425, namely dragon blood and dragon tongue.

Donate store:

As mentioned earlier, you can now purchase blood refinement in the store. However, we've made a few more changes:

  • Tier 3 equipment (except for weapons) can be obtained using points. We still believe in the value of making stronger items obtainable through effort, so tier 4 equipment remains available only through the crystal event.
  • Furthermore, you can now purchase most mounts available in the game through the donate store. Take the opportunity to get your favorite mount and help improve the server with your donation.

We plan to release a major update over the weekend. One important thing to note is that you'll need to update your clients. While the client already has an automatic update feature, you'll need to close and reopen it to allow it to update. Please pay attention to the notifications.

2.4.2024 -
Weapon Damage Enhancement Update
Author: GOD Marcolino

Weapon Damage Enhancement Update

We're excited to announce a significant improvement to weapons with over 300 refinements. Your weapon will now receive a damage bonus each time you reach the required refinement level to enhance it beyond 300 refinements. Check out the bonus details below:

  • Refinements 300-324: Bonus +3% damage
  • Refinements 325-349: Bonus +5% damage
  • Refinements 350-374: Bonus +10% damage
  • Refinements 375-399: Bonus +15% damage
  • Refinements 400+: Bonus +20% damage

This bonus applies to both the minimum and maximum damage of the weapon, as well as any spells you cast while wielding it.

30.3.2024 -
Easter Event: The Bunny Revenge!
Author: GOD Marcolino

Dear players,

Get ready for an invasion like never before seen in Neprenia! This year's Easter event brings an unexpected twist. The bunnies, once served as delicacies or used in experiments by the mages, are seeking revenge for decades of suffering!

These furry creatures are leaving a trail of chaos throughout the city, spreading mysterious eggs in every corner of Neprenia. It's time for us to unite to eliminate this plague, whether during epic raids or in the search for lost eggs (collecting them finding this nest).

But fear not, for fabulous rewards await those who dare to confront this threat. By collecting the eggs, you can exchange them for valuable Neprenia Keys, experience potions, and even adorable slippers for your tired feet after battles. And don't forget about the Easter-themed mounts - get an item and have a chance to obtain one of the five special mounts!

Visit the NPC located above the Karmia depot to exchange your eggs for these amazing prizes. Don't let this opportunity slip away!

Prepare your weapons, gather your friends, and let's face the bunny's wrath together this Easter!


The Neprenia Team

25.2.2024 -
Extradimensional Quest
Author: GOD Marcolino

Hello adventurers!

We're thrilled to announce the release of our latest update, packed with exciting new features and improvements:

A journey beyond the bounds of reality! We've introduced a thrilling new quest where you'll explore other dimensions in search of unique treasures. Get ready to unravel mysteries and discover special cosmetic items such as the Nike Backpack, the Shield of America, and the Infinity Gauntlet. Please note that these items are designed for fun and do not confer significant powers, so embark on this adventure with expectations of enjoyment and surprises!

shield of americaCrafted from vibranium, renowned for its indestructibility and defensive capabilities, symbolizing resilience and protection in the Marvel Universe. Skip the trip to the chest for your daily reward, just use this handy item!

infinity gauntlet

A cosmic artifact imbued with six Infinity Stones, granting the wielder unparalleled power over reality.

nike backpack

Forged in goblin sweatshops, a cynical marvel of exploitation, carrying dreams and burdens alike with a mocking grin.

Challenge yourself to reach the top! To make the quest even more thrilling, we'll be rewarding the player who completes it in the shortest time possible by next Sunday. Who will be the fastest to conquer the treasures of other dimensions?

PRIZE: 100 black neprenia key

Adventures in the depths of dungeons! We've revitalized our dungeons with new maps and challenges. Explore dark corridors and face powerful bosses in search of incredible rewards.

Get ready to dive into new adventures and exciting challenges with this new update. Good luck on your journeys, and may the quest for interdimensional treasures begin now!

Good luck and happy adventuring!

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