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5 Dec 2023 -
Guzzlemaw, Retching horror and Deeplings spawns were expanded

Guzzlemaw, Retching horror and Deeplings spawns were expanded

2 Dec 2023 -
The chest has been upgraded! We've removed some common items and increased the presence of valuable...

The chest has been upgraded! We've removed some common items and increased the presence of valuable items such as experience potions, crystal shards, dodge, and PvP buff items.

18 Nov 2023 -
[Update] The hunts Seacrest Serpent [300], Stone Devourer [250] and Vexclaw [600] were expanded.

[Update] The hunts Seacrest Serpent [300], Stone Devourer [250] and Vexclaw [600] were expanded.

6 Nov 2023 -
Small changes English: - Ammunition, such as burst arrows, poison arrows, and diamond arrows, has...

Small changes


- Ammunition, such as burst arrows, poison arrows, and diamond arrows, has been reviewed and their damage has been increased.

- The quests for burst arrows and poison arrows now also reward diamond arrows. Players who have already completed these quests can do them again.


- As munições, como burst arrows, poison arrows e diamond arrows, foram revisadas e tiveram seus danos aumentados.

- As quests das burst arrows e poison arrows agora também concedem diamond arrows. Jogadores que já completaram essas quests podem fazê-las novamente.

30 Oct 2023 -
The chest was updated in order to give more diverse items as common prizes.

The chest was updated in order to give more diverse items as common prizes.

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6.12.2023 -
Updates to the Crystal Hunt Event
Author: GOD Marcolino

Updates to the Crystal Hunt Event:

  • Reset Restriction Adjustment: The reset restriction has been decreased from 450 to 350.
  • IP-Based Entry Limit: Now, only two characters from the same IP address can participate in the event. This measure aims to prevent multiple characters (MC) from gaining unfair advantages.
  • Increase in Protector Loot: Protectors can now drop two crystals instead of just one, enhancing the rewards available during the event.
  • New Command: Use the "!crystaltimes" command to access information about the next hunt (Sentinel, Sniper, or Arcane) along with the scheduled event times.

These changes are intended to optimize the Crystal Hunt Event, ensuring fair participation, more rewarding gameplay, and easier access to event details through the new command functionality.

2.12.2023 -
Bonelord Tower Quest + Pvp Buff + Autoloot/Bank news
Author: GOD Marcolino

A new quest has been introduced; the powerful Bonelord mages seem to have been involved in the prison attack that ended up infesting the place with terrible spiders. Face the Bonelords and uncover the powerful Bonelord Tome. Rumors suggest that it can increase your reflexes by up to 30% for a minute, allowing you to escape from your opponents.

Bonelord Tome

Release of Fury

A powerful artifact has been discovered in Neprenia and has been placed as one of the prizes inside the Neprenia Chest. Apparently, it allows your PvP damage to increase by 50% for a minute. We still need courageous individuals willing to find out if the item has any side effects. So far, we only know that it takes 8 minutes before you can use it again, and sometimes the fury of its power is so intense that the item ends up being destroyed.

Improvements to Autoloot and Introduction of Command-Based Banking

We've heard your requests and are excited to announce some significant changes to enhance your gameplay experience.

Autoloot Enhancement:

Autoloot has been upgraded! Now, the money dropped by monsters will be automatically sent to your bank. Say goodbye to manually collecting dropped money and hello to more streamlined looting.

Introduction of Command-Based Banking System:

We're thrilled to introduce a new banking system that's just a command away! You can access your bank account from anywhere using simple commands such as:

  • !balance - Check your account balance
  • !withdraw 1000 - Withdraw money from your account
  • !deposit 1000 / all - Deposit money into your account
  • !transfer Jhon, 1000 - Transfer money to another player's account

This innovative system aims to make managing your in-game finances more convenient and accessible.

Explore these features in-game and let us know your feedback. We hope these changes elevate your gaming experience to new heights!

27.11.2023 -
Crystal Shard Conversor + Peacemaker item
Author: GOD Marcolino

An update has brought an additional functionality to the crystal shard:

Crystal Extraction: As before, it allows extraction during crystal event hunts by combining it with a larger crystal, yielding between 2 to 10 regular crystals.

Newly Introduced Conversion Feature: Now, it serves as a converter when applied to a stack of regular crystals.

Exciting news! Introducing the Peacemaker, a new item available for purchase using PVP Coins.

The Peacemaker serves as a shield against PVP attacks, preventing your engagement in combat with other players. Here's what you need to know about this item:

  • PVP Protection: While under the Peacemaker effect, you're unable to initiate attacks on other players.
  • Usage Limitation: Each player is allowed to activate only one Peacemaker every 8 hours. Once activated, you'll need to wait for this cooldown period to expire before using it again.
  • Restrictions on Actions: Additionally, you won't have the ability to use magic walls and wild runes.
  • Usage Limited to PZ Areas: The Peacemaker can only be activated within Protection Zones.
  • Not Applicable with Skulls: It's important to note that if you have black or red skulls, you won't be able to use the Peacemaker.
  • Acquisition: Obtain the Peacemaker either from neprenia chest or through donations.

Furthermore, we've adjusted the value of the Nightmare Doll (skull remover) to 50 coins.

23.11.2023 -
Spell Module Update
Author: GOD Marcolino

The spell module has been updated and improved. Now, it displays the server's unique spells in a special way, showcasing a preview of each spell.

You can access this screen using the spellbook or the command !spell. Additionally, your client now features a button for easy access; simply click on the spellbook icon located beneath your inventory.

17.11.2023 -
Crystal Event Update + Tier 3 Equips Quests
Author: GOD Marcolino

We are pleased to announce some changes:

1) The Crystal Hunts event, which grants access to Tier 4 weapons and equipment, has undergone a complete overhaul. There are numerous changes, so we encourage you to visit our wiki page to learn all about them. The key updates include: Weapons now cost 700 crystals, down from the previous 900. Area attacks or summons are no longer allowed during the event. Protectors now consistently drop crystals.

2) We have introduced quests that allow everyone to assemble their first set of Tier 3 equipment. These quests can be found within the hunts from 200 to 600 resets:

3) We have created a page to show the weapons available in Neprenia here.

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