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18 Nov 2023 -
[Update] The hunts Seacrest Serpent [300], Stone Devourer [250] and Vexclaw [600] were expanded.

[Update] The hunts Seacrest Serpent [300], Stone Devourer [250] and Vexclaw [600] were expanded.

6 Nov 2023 -
Small changes English: - Ammunition, such as burst arrows, poison arrows, and diamond arrows, has...

Small changes


- Ammunition, such as burst arrows, poison arrows, and diamond arrows, has been reviewed and their damage has been increased.

- The quests for burst arrows and poison arrows now also reward diamond arrows. Players who have already completed these quests can do them again.


- As munições, como burst arrows, poison arrows e diamond arrows, foram revisadas e tiveram seus danos aumentados.

- As quests das burst arrows e poison arrows agora também concedem diamond arrows. Jogadores que já completaram essas quests podem fazê-las novamente.

30 Oct 2023 -
The chest was updated in order to give more diverse items as common prizes.

The chest was updated in order to give more diverse items as common prizes.

24 Oct 2023 -
Changelog EN: The MW trap spell now has reduced attack cooldown and less paralysis. Iron ore...

Changelog EN:

  • The MW trap spell now has reduced attack cooldown and less paralysis.
  • Iron ore can now be obtained as a drop from minotaurs and other sources.
  • The !giveaway ten_free_keys command has been fixed and is now functioning correctly.
  • Some tasks have had their rewards and quantities adjusted for better balance.
  • Goannas are now accessible to players starting from reset 70.
  • Ogres are restricted to players with 40 resets or more.
  • Online tokens have had their rewards and item prices adjusted.
  • The events channel will also be used for GM (Game Master) announcements and notifications.
  • The character's page was fixed and now correctly show the weapon's level.

Changelog PT:

  • A magia de MW trap agora causa menos tempo de espera para atacar e menos paralisação.
  • Iron ore pode ser obtido como drop dos minotaurs e de outras fontes.
  • O comando !giveaway ten_free_keys foi corrigido e está funcionando corretamente.
  • Algumas tarefas (tasks) tiveram seus prêmios e quantidades alterados para melhor equilíbrio.
  • As goannas agora são acessíveis para jogadores a partir do reset 70.
  • Os ogres estão restritos a jogadores com 40 resets ou mais.
  • Os online tokens tiveram seus prêmios e preços de itens ajustados para uma melhor experiência.
  • O canal de eventos também será usado para notificações e anúncios do GM (Game Master).
  • A página do personagem foi corrigida e agora mostra corretamente o nível da arma.
22 Oct 2023 -
The Metal Gargoyle and Glooth Hunts have been expanded. Now you have 4 hunting spots available....

The Metal Gargoyle and Glooth Hunts have been expanded. Now you have 4 hunting spots available. Additionally, the refinement discount is now applied to Brokk.

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27.11.2023 -
Crystal Shard Conversor + Peacemaker item
Author: GOD Marcolino

An update has brought an additional functionality to the crystal shard:

Crystal Extraction: As before, it allows extraction during crystal event hunts by combining it with a larger crystal, yielding between 2 to 10 regular crystals.

Newly Introduced Conversion Feature: Now, it serves as a converter when applied to a stack of regular crystals.

Exciting news! Introducing the Peacemaker, a new item available for purchase using PVP Coins.

The Peacemaker serves as a shield against PVP attacks, preventing your engagement in combat with other players. Here's what you need to know about this item:

  • PVP Protection: While under the Peacemaker effect, you're unable to initiate attacks on other players.
  • Usage Limitation: Each player is allowed to activate only one Peacemaker every 8 hours. Once activated, you'll need to wait for this cooldown period to expire before using it again.
  • Restrictions on Actions: Additionally, you won't have the ability to use magic walls and wild runes.
  • Usage Limited to PZ Areas: The Peacemaker can only be activated within Protection Zones.
  • Not Applicable with Skulls: It's important to note that if you have black or red skulls, you won't be able to use the Peacemaker.
  • Acquisition: Obtain the Peacemaker either from neprenia chest or through donations.

Furthermore, we've adjusted the value of the Nightmare Doll (skull remover) to 50 coins.

23.11.2023 -
Spell Module Update
Author: GOD Marcolino

The spell module has been updated and improved. Now, it displays the server's unique spells in a special way, showcasing a preview of each spell.

You can access this screen using the spellbook or the command !spell. Additionally, your client now features a button for easy access; simply click on the spellbook icon located beneath your inventory.

17.11.2023 -
Crystal Event Update + Tier 3 Equips Quests
Author: GOD Marcolino

We are pleased to announce some changes:

1) The Crystal Hunts event, which grants access to Tier 4 weapons and equipment, has undergone a complete overhaul. There are numerous changes, so we encourage you to visit our wiki page to learn all about them. The key updates include: Weapons now cost 700 crystals, down from the previous 900. Area attacks or summons are no longer allowed during the event. Protectors now consistently drop crystals.

2) We have introduced quests that allow everyone to assemble their first set of Tier 3 equipment. These quests can be found within the hunts from 200 to 600 resets:

3) We have created a page to show the weapons available in Neprenia here.

8.11.2023 -
Pvp Changes
Author: GOD Marcolino


Fizemos algumas mudanças importantes nos danos de todas as vocações:

  • Os Knights agora possuem um poder defensivo maior, especialmente contra danos físicos, tornando-os importantes como tanques contra chefes e monstros fortes.
  • Todos os tipos de vocação tiveram a redução dos danos mágicos em área.
  • Em contrapartida, o dano causado pelas armas foi consideravelmente aumentado.
  • As armas de Tier 4 agora possuem mais poder de ataque. Para aplicar esse novo poder, caso você já possua uma arma de Tier 4, é necessário melhorá-la refinando-a com um refinamento (up normal). Isso calculará o novo poder de ataque.
  • Knights e Paladins têm novos feitiços. Esses feitiços são exclusivos para uso contra monstros e causam golpes sequenciais em até 5 inimigos. Para os Paladins, o feitiço é o 'exori chase con', para os Knights é o 'exori chase hur'. (150+ Resets)


Reduzimos o bônus de PvP para 2% a cada reset. As mudanças nos danos tornaram essa alteração necessária, mas acreditamos que isso não afetará a dinâmica. Inclusive, esperamos batalhas mais divertidas agora.


We've made some important changes to the damages of all vocations:

  • Knights now possess significant defensive power, especially against physical damage, making them important as tanks against bosses and strong monsters.
  • All vocations have had their area-of-effect magic damages reduced.
  • In compensation, weapon damage has been considerably increased.
  • Tier 4 weapons now have more attack power. To apply this new attack power, if you already own a Tier 4 weapon, you need to upgrade it by refining it with one refinement. This will calculate the new attack power.
  • Knights and Paladins have new spells. These spells are exclusively for use against monsters and deal sequential hits to up to 5 enemies. For Paladins, the spell is 'exori chase con', for Knights it's 'exori chase hur'. (150+ Resets)

We've reduced the PvP bonus to 2% for each reset. The damage changes made this adjustment necessary, but believe us, nothing has changed in the dynamics. We might even have more enjoyable battles now.

5.11.2023 -
Small Update
Author: GOD Marcolino

Some small changes were made:

  • The quests will be updated in the Quest Log. We began with the Demon Oak, but soon new quests will also be tracked there.
  • Now, boatmen mention the cities they can take you to. Visit Desert City and Quinswood...
  • The NPC who handles refinements from level 300 to 375 has finally opened his doors. Rumor has it he resides in Desert City and is looking for his gang
  • All players now have access to a temporary resetter item from their first reset, allowing up to 50 uses. This item is non-transferable and can only be used by the player who earned it.
  • NPCs that purchase equipment and jewelry have relocated their shops to the depot's second floor.
  • Several signs have been added to the map to assist players with orientation.
  • Various quests have been introduced within the reset 1 to 100 hunting areas, offering quest items, gems, and tier 2 equipment.
  • A lever has been added for easier access to free_vip (the same as in the giveaway area).
  • You can now only obtain items specific to your vocation from the reset 1 reward.
  • Monsters with a reset of 1000+ have had their reset count increased by 200, to enhance the challenge and allow time for refining your weapons.

Fizemos algumas pequenas mudanças:


  • De agora em diantes as quests serão atualizadas no Registro de Missões. Começamos com a Demon Oak, mas em breve novas missões também serão registradas lá.
  • Agora, os barqueiros mencionam as cidades para as quais podem levá-lo. Visite Desert City e Quinswood.
  • O NPC que lida com refinamentos do nível 300 ao 375 finalmente abriu suas portas. Boatos dizem que ele reside em Desert City e está à procura de sua gangue.
  • Todos os jogadores agora têm acesso a um item temporário de resetter desde o primeiro reset, permitindo até 50 usos. Este item não é transferível e só pode ser usado pelo jogador que o ganhou.
  • Os NPCs que compram equipamentos e joias moveram suas lojas para o segundo andar do depot.
  • Várias placas foram adicionadas ao mapa para ajudar os jogadores na orientação.
  • Diversas missões foram introduzidas nas áreas de caça de resets de 1 a 100, oferecendo itens de missão, gemas e equipamentos de nível 2.
  • Uma alavanca foi adicionada para facilitar o acesso ao free_vip (o mesmo da área de sorteio).
  • Agora você só pode obter itens específicos para a sua vocação como recompensa pelo reset 1.Os monstros com reset de 1000+ tiveram sua contagem de resets aumentada em 200, para aumentar o desafio e permitir tempo para aprimorar suas armas.


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